4 Steps to Preparing for a Car Restoration

If you are looking for a hobby that involves classic cars, restoration could be the thing you seek. The beauty of old vehicles can come to life under your efforts, and you can give the world a glimpse in the past of transportation. It could be a complicated process if you aren’t ready, so here is a basic overview for starting the vehicle disassembly .

1. Remember What You Have

Before you get started, you need to keep a journal of your process. You should take pictures of all the components, cataloging all parts with the location of the piece and connective parts before labeling and bagging them. If you aren’t going to be able to buy a replacement part, there are options with custom machining Pittsburgh auto enthusiasts that could direct you to.

2. Remove all Trim

Find all the fasteners or screws that hold on the grills, bumpers, side trim, and the lights. Be gentle and cautious as you remove these pieces since they are some of the most difficult and expensive items to replace.

3. Remove Glass and Windows

Carefully remove the interior trim and the rubber molding that holds the windshield in place. Push the window outward from the inside of the vehicle rather than pulling at it. Repeat the process to remove the rear window.

4. Remove Interior Pieces

Take out the door panels first, then take out the seats. Move to the interior and take the trim, carpet, and dash out. Take the rest of the materials out and move toward the drivetrain.

5. Remove the Engine Components

The last things you should remove are the engine bay components. Carefully remove the wiring and move to the harness. The final task should be to remove the paneling. 

Restoring an old car is a great hobby. These are four ways to start safely taking a part of your interior.

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