How to set the table correctly according to the protocol

I will teach you exactly how to set the table and where the different components have to be placed according to the protocol, so that you organize your most formal events.

The first thing you should know is that there are two main ways of setting the table, depending on the formal or informal event. In addition, it also influences the type of food or the time of day, a breakfast or a brunch is not the same as a lunch or dinner. We show you how to place all the elements of the table for your most formal events. But first you have to set the table base( ขา โต๊ะ which is the term in Thai)then put the table top before starting because this need where to keep whatever you want to keep.

How to place the dishes

The first and most important is, where the different types of dishes should be placed. We must leave a space for each diner of about 60 or 75 centimeters, think that nobody likes to elbow with the one next to them while enjoying a tasty meal.

The dishes must go in the center and will serve as a guide to place the other elements. We must never place a deep plate only on the table, it must always be placed on top of a flat one. Optionally we can add to the set a low plate as a decoration that serves as the basis for the ceramics. This object is often confused with a flat plate because of its shape, but its function is merely decorative and that is why it must be removed once the guests are ready to eat.

How to place the cutlery The first thing you have to know to place the cutlery is that they will always be placed in reverse of the order of use, the utensils we use first are placed further. The sequence is as follows, the forks always on the left, while the knives go to the right and the spoons follow them.

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