Tips on what to do before contracting an exterminator

Whether you are a home owner, or you live in a rented apartment, one of the biggest horrors is realizing that you have rodents. It could be the sighting of one, or the squeaking sound at night that indicate presence of several rats or mice. The next step should be quick action. Rodents can have as many as 80 litters in a year, and the number gets higher with each passing year. If you do not get an exterminator, you run the risk of having your house being inhabitable. Some of the steps to take before hiring exterminators include: 

Find Out the Kind of Rodents You Have

It is always easier to engage with an exterminator once you know the kind of rodents in your house. If it is small with a long tail, then it is probably a mouse. Rats tend to be larger and are often brown in color. If you see one scurrying past you, get details of its physical appearance. You should also follow them to their hiding places to make it easier to direct exterminators where you concentrate on. 

Research on Best Exterminators

When you are looking for people to come and eliminate pests from your house, it is better to get professionals who work within your neighborhood. Their charges are likely to be lower, and you will be able to get more reviews from people in your area who have used them. Be very specific in your search engine. For instance, if you are in Encino, Los Angeles, it would be better for you to search for “ rodent exterminator encino ca ” to get the most relevant reference. Once the name of companies come up, you can go through them to see which one fits your needs. Remember to go through reviews before settling on one. 

Ask for a Quotation  

The biggest mistake you can make when hiring an exterminator is telling them to visit without asking for a quotation. You should know how much they are charging, and if it comes with a guarantee. Some companies have hidden charges, and other conditions that may not be in the contract. Ensure that you get a detailed quotation before signing for their services. If possible, have three top exterminators and compare their quotations to help you choose the one that fits your budget. 

Keep Foodstuff and Baby Items Away  

If the exterminator is going to use chemicals, you should have your house in order to prevent poisoning. If you have foodstuff, you should have them in containers with tight lids, away from where the spraying will be done. You should also put away baby stuff such as toys and other items babies may touch or shove in their mouths. 

Do Home Repairs

It would be in vain for you to get the services of exterminators if you do not solve the root cause of the infestation. Find out how the rodents got into your house. Does your wall have cracks that they can slide through? Is there any broken part on your door that needs to be sealed? Maybe there is an abandoned dark room that acts as a safe hiding place for the rodents. You need to fix all those before the exterminators come.

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