How To Handle Fragile Object During A Move

The dilemma of anyone who’s ever moved is damage to fragile or irreplaceable items along the way.

Whether you elect to have friends assist you, or you employ a moving company to transport your belongings, you’ve got a few things to contemplate whenever you pack goods that might easily break.

Here are some tips for packing your most fragile property:

Consider a specialty mover.

Relocating items which include artwork, statues, pianos, and so on, is a science. Services who concentrate on moving things like these can coordinate the move together with your movers, and often offer temporary or long-term storage options.

Keep in mind that the biggest reason for breakage is often a drop.

For those who have any concern about if you’re qualified to move an item properly, don’t try and move it yourself. It’s much too typical to overestimate your capability to transport fragile items while your path may be obstructed, or while you might not see things which are in your way.

Pick several people to handle larger fragile items, and ensure the route to the truck is unblocked and free from obstructions.

Use ample packing material.

A move is not time to scrimp on packing material. Rather than deciding on less expensive packing paper or newspaper, wrap your things in bubble wrap and fill packing containers with packing peanuts or packing paper. Superior packing materials are not as expensive as replacing a broken item.

Don’t overfill boxes containing fragile items.

You’ll want to protect fragile things from moving inside containers, but overfilling boxes certainly will harm fragile belongings inside. Never fill a box well over 3/4 total. Fill at least 1/4 of the carton with packing material, and disperse the packing material evenly on every side to distribute vibrations and shock in the event of a drop.

Consistently pack containers containing fragile things on top of boxes containing heavier items.

Moving boxes may be sturdy, but time, humidity and heat will quickly cause the sturdiest of boxes to collapse, often in a few minutes. If you’ve packed breakable belongings in a box and placed anything heavy on top, the bottom box may collapse, and your fragile belongings are more prone to break.

Store the most fragile items in storage tubs.

Plastic storage tubs are great places to pack your fragile goods. They are more substantial than cardboard cartons, usually contain handles, and can be used at the new house to store items you use only occasionally, like holiday items.

Take Care

If you are taking proper precautions when packing fragile goods, your move may be breakage-free.

Alternatively, you can skip the headache – hire a mover that can ensure your fragile goods reach your household without hassle.

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