Steps to Follow When Pressure Washing A Driveway

Washing your driveway to make it regain its initial lustre and beauty is always the desire of every homeowner. However, knowing the way to go about this is what wearies many people from taking the step, even when they get a very high-quality pressure washer like that of Unimanix. Below are few steps you can follow to get a pristine, pressure washed driveway.

#1: Sweep the Surface

Clear excess dust or dirt and debris from the surface, through the use of a broom.

#2: Keep Exterior Doors and Walls Protected

Cover all nearby exterior doors and walls with painter’s tape or plastic sheeting. This will help in protecting walls and doors from various loose debris as well asany accidental stain or paint removal from your pressure washer.

#3: Read Through the Safety Manual

Properly read steps focused on your particular pressure washer. Each one is different and might need special assembly, preparation, or attachments.

#4: Degrease Surface

Make sure you have the right cleaning by having concrete spread with spray degreaser bottle, keep a distance of about 6 inches from the surface. Scrub the degreaser into the concrete through the use of a pressure washer attachment equipment or a stiff brush.

#5: Attach a Spray Wand Tip for the Detergent

First of all, choose tip designed for washing, normally labelled “soap.” After that, snap into different places at the head of the spray wand.

#6: Attach Hoses

Connect various supplied pressure washer wand and hose for pressure washing. After that, attach a 50-foot gardening hose to the pressure washer’s system of supplying water, then change on water.

#7: Prepare the Pressure Washer for the Detergent

Place the detergent siphon tube, typically delivered with, as well as attached to the pressure washer, into detergent container directly. Once the pressure washer gets crank-started, the tube will bring the detergent into a water stream of various spray wand immediately.

#8: Spray Detergent

Protect your hands with the use of safety gloves, after that, apply the detergent by simply holding down the spray handle, maintaining a steady distance of about 9 to 19 inches from the concrete. Figure out your way right back and forth in a controlled and smooth manner, having each stroke overlapped by 8 to 10 inches. Allow the sprayed detergent to sit on the surface for about 5 minutes.

#9: Seal Concrete

Pour a waterproof sealer into the paint pan, add extra roller cover to its roller handle, attach an extender pole. Then, beginning in the middle area, roller the waterproof sealer out directly from the middle to all other edges of concrete. Allow it for 24 hours before you park on the surface.

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