Ant numbers invading can be in the millions


In many areas today, ants are an invasive pest that can be difficult to eliminate. Due to their massive colonies, their drive to obtain a food source, and their extreme tolerance of many conditions, they often create a path directly to your kitchen countertop. Ants have an amazing ability to smell a food source from a great distance. Grease and sugar are their favorites. The ant will scout out the source of the scent and leave a trail of pheromones for the other ants to follow, which is why they travel in straight lines. The scout will leave a trail signaling the others “Hey! This way to the buffet!” 

When to call an exterminator  

Considering that ants are not independent creatures, in fact they are quite social, if you see one or two ants, you can be confident that they are just paving the way for their colony to find a food source. Colonies can have several queens, and millions of ants. Because some ants are a bit aggressive, it is better to be safe than sorry. They can bite children and pets and become quite the nuisance. If you find yourself battling an army that exceeds your own, it’s probably time to call in the professionals. 

Florida’s ant populations are particularly high due to the ecosystem. The sand, sun, and humidity are just some of the reasons for dense ant colonies. Ant elimination Delray beach FL is available to those who need immediate eradication of pests.  This  news story explains how the “tawny crazy ant” is multiplying in enormous numbers, effecting 20 Floridian counties. Because they are attracted to heat sources, ants can invade your computers, televisions, even tablets! 
This ant species is native to South American countries but has been moving north since they were first noticed in Texas around 2002. Their numbers just keep climbing, and pest control companies have gone to war. 

Other pests have somehow migrated to the United States as well, such as the infamous “killer bee” and Asian Tiger Mosquito. The mosquito hitched a ride on a load of tires and multiplied in our ecosystem. 

In this  article , you can see why pest control is very important to maintain our natural and native species. 

Florida has perfect conditions for these pests, with plenty of plants and water, warm skies and food sources. There is help available, with pest control services in places like Delray, FL. The fact is, the problem will only get worse without proper, professional treatment of the area. Many assume they can handle the problem on their own and can end up either doing more harm than good, or possibly getting bitten or stung by ants. The ants can quickly climb on to your feet, and before you know it there are many, many ants attacking. 

Because of the internet, many are searching out quick and easy bug repellent using common household ingredients. However, these rarely are effective at treating the source of the problem. Sometimes, the ingredients used feed the ants!


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