Care and Protection of Roofing Systems

Of all the exterior maintenance concerns of a home, ensuring the roof is in good condition is critical. Because the roof of a home protects the structural integrity of a home as well as its contents from the exterior elements and weather, a roof is vitally important to protect. Over time, all roofs need to be replaced. The natural aging process, intense inclement weather and mold are the main causes of roof deterioration. There are many different roof materials, each of them has different life spans. However, inclement weather and mold are widely known to shorten the life of most roofing materials. When a roofing system becomes non-repairable or is seriously damaged is usually when roof installers brooklyn ny contractors are usually called in for repairs or replacement. 

While there is not much that can be done to protect against bad weather, there certainly are a host of things that can be done to protect against mold and moss growth on roofing tiles. Shaded areas over a roof are the primary places mold and moss grow. However, almost any roof that is subjected to significant amounts of wet weather can create prime conditions for the growth of mold. One of the best recommendations for a homeowner is to be diligent in the care and protection of their roof against damage. One of the best ways to ensure that the roofing materials stay intact and last as long as possible is by frequently checking the roof after any type of storms, wind or heavy rain or in the spring after the winter season is over. 

Beginning Signs of Trouble  

One of the first signs of trouble on a roof is buckling tiles. When roof tiles appear to have pulled away from the roof or have lumps that seem to appear. This is usually indicative that some of the tiles need to be repaired or replaced. If this is not done in a timely way, this can lead to the growth of mold under the roof tiles and the potential for a roof to start leaking where the tiles have lifted. 

If mold begins to grow under the roof tiles, it can start to enter the attic of a home and continue growing. Mold is a dangerous growth that is hazardous to anyone living in a home. Mold spores can enter the lungs of people living in the home and make them sick. Those people who are young, the elderly or those with lung diseases such as asthma are at the highest risk. If the mold spreads too much it can require professionals to completely remove it and get the home back up to safe conditions. 

Additionally, for areas where the roof tiles buckle, water seepage becomes a big concern. That means that water can penetrate the sub-roof areas, the attic and the primary floors of the home. When water leaks occur, they can cause extensive damage to furnishings, electrical systems and personal belongings. The good news is both hazards can be reduced by properly monitoring and maintaining the roof. If roof tiles are damaged, they should be repaired or replaced quickly to help protect the integrity of the whole roof system.

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