Everything You Needed To Know About NDIS Support

Here in this article, we are going to learn more about NDIS support. We are going to learn more about equipment and services which are funded by NDIS. First and foremost, you need to be aware of the fact that there is no minimum funding concept when it comes to NDIS. When we look at the NDIS occupational therapy plan , it is supposed to reflect the aspirations and goals of your child. When you enroll your child under NDIS support, your child will be receiving the support he needs. Let’s unearth more details about NDIS support below.

Types of support under NDIS

First and foremost, let’s have a look at the types of services which come under NDIS.

  • You will be getting daily support to live your life in a normal manner. For instance, you will get assistance for eating and getting dressed.
  • Transport is another important factor when it comes to his child. Thanks to the transport, your child will be able to take part in the social and community activities. For instance, he will find it easy to go to school. This will be immensely helpful for your children. He will be able to interact with others in the society and this can give lot of reassurance to your child. In short, NDIS support is extremely important for the same.
  • Your child will be getting therapeutic support . By therapeutic service we mean something like behavior support. This is going to be immensely helpful for your child.
  • When you get NDIS support, you can expect modifications to your home. The idea is to provide a space which is ideal for your child to grow up. You will get help in everything including design and construction. This is going to be immensely helpful to your child.
  • In order to deal with his condition in an effective manner, your child will need technology and certain equipment. When your child is eligible for NDIS you don’t need to worry about it as they will provide everything you need.
  • Another big help that you can expect from NDIS is modifications to your car. They will make sure that the modifications are ideal for your child to travel to various places. They will be able to customize your car in order to have an easy life for your child.

Things NDIS won’t support

Well, at the same time you need to be aware of the things which will not be supported by NDIS

  • You cannot expect help for something which has no direct connection with your child’s disability . Yes, here in this case you will not be able to walk away with NDIS support.
  • If you are already getting support from other services like health systems and education systems, then the same cannot be expected here. You will not be able to get supports which are duplicates in nature.
  • Also, you will not be able to walk away with NDIS support for costs which are nothing to do with the support needs of the child. For instance, the daily living costs of the child will not be covered by NDIS.
  • Also, you will not be able to expect NDIS support for things which might harm your child.

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