Five Benefits to Installing a Glass Backsplash in Your Kitchen

When remodeling the kitchen in your home, the backsplash is an important thing you should not overlook.  And these days, it looks like glass splash backs are becoming more and more popular. To understand the movement behind this growing trend in Big Acrylic wall art for your kitchen, let’s take a look at some of the benefits to installing a glass backsplash.

BENEFIT #1:  Maintenance

Basically, glass is pretty easy to clean: it is flat, sleek, and smooth.  When you clean any windows, it really only takes a quick spray of cleaner and then a quick wipe with a rag; and so, it is with a glass kitchen backsplash!  While tile, for example, could require some scrubbing in the grout, a single glass pane is much easier to clean!

BENEFIT #2:  Reflection

Glass splash backs reflect light very well.  Regardless of any colors or designs you might choose, a glass backsplash will give you far less shadow and less light refraction than you might find with ceramic tiles or with other materials.  This also means you get to cook in a brighter kitchen without having to install any more light!

BENEFIT #3:  Versatile

First of all, glass is easy to color, so that means you can choose a glass backsplash in any color you like. You could also choose to have a variety of colors, as well as themes and styles and color schemes.  

In addition, though, you could design and customize your glass backsplash so that it is more like a work of art!  Large format acrylic photo printing allows you to basically print a photograph or any other image or design onto large panes of glass, so you could easily apply this strategy to your kitchen backsplash ideas, too.

BENEFIT #4:  Heat Resistance

Tempered glass can handle a lot of heat, so a glass backsplash in your kitchen will probably be able to withstand lots of heat.  That means you can fry, bake, broil, and saute to your heart’s content; and without having to worry about warping or color fading that might come with ceramic or vinyl tile backsplashes.

BENEFIT #5:  Simplicity

Finally, a glass backsplash is easy to install and it goes a very long way with very little effort. And, again, since maintenance is easy, you will not be disappointed by installing a glass backsplash in your kitchen.

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