How Store Away Services Offer Added Peace Of Mind To The Goods’ Owners

Storeaway comes as easy rescue when the things at home outdo the space, and contribute to clutter rather than cleanliness. As a home owner renting out the space, you need these storeaways to make the space comfortable for the tenants. If you are running an office, you can create more space for the employees by freeing the rooms off the unused items. But, this shifting and removal need to be as easy a process as it sounds. This is one of the advantages that the storeaway services offer to the owners of the obsolete goods. Other advantages are important and user-friendly too; explained below are those.

  •  Easy removals from the premise

The storage services require only the call from the goods owner regarding the hiring of storeaway facility. They come; they pack the things and take them away, too, for you. Thus, you have more time to do better things than to care about the discarded goods and materials. The removals are faster and the upgradation of the storage service is suggested, too, if the items are not fitting into the smaller storage solutions. All this is done at no extra cost. 

  • Upfront quotes

The storeaway service providers will come to the premise and inspect goods. They have tools that help them decide the number of cartons and the space size required corresponding to the size and quantity of materials. Thus, they are able to quote the price upfront based on the packing box and space requirements. Expect storage and carrying of heavier items to cost you more. 

  • High class security

The safety of the goods or valuables is important even it is dumped away in a storeaway arrangement. Storeaway providers should have security arrangements like CCTV cameras, log files of visitors, advanced security tools like motion detectors, etc. A dedicated staff member should be there during the office hours. And there should always be the backups of staff members. In short, the premise should never be left unguarded or unattended. Some special service providers can have weather-proof arrangements also to offer added security to the goods in the bad weather conditions too. Click here to hire the most security-oriented storeaway service in town.

  • Versatile storage service

The storeaway should not be for personal use or for storing of obsolete goods only. The service should be extendable to the business users also. Business furnishings, office properties and furniture like old chairs, computers, etc should also be allowed to store in these storeaway services. The affordability of these spaces makes them a more feasible option than the other kind of trade spaces, so they should have ample arrangements for storing the business goods.

  • Availability within the postal code as yours

Close vicinity makes these storeaways more relevant. It allows the users to opt for services with no hesitation. They can get the pickups carried out in the shortest notice. The close proximity enables easy transferring of material to and from the premise. It also helps the users of these services to make quick decisions regarding removals in an emergency situation. 

  • Warm and courteous customer service

Customer service crew should be courteous in nature and must be having an empathetic approach. They should be quick in handling pick-up queries, in suggesting quotes and should arrange for the seamless movement of goods from the premise with minimal intervention from your side. To make the best use of these services, customers must get their items packed in advance from a professional maker so that no end regarding the safety of the goods is left loose.

  • Insurance of goods available

The storeaway services should have sound insurance policy for the goods taken in for storage. Give them the complete list of contents beforehand, so that they work out the most suitable insurance cover for your materials. 

To get the best experience of the storage services, it is advisable to rope in the best hands in the industry. They have all customer-centric policies to make the removals and storage easy for the end users of the service. Also, if the load is more than expected, keep extra hands prepared, like, call your friends or get help of family members to facilitate easy loading of the goods in the van provided by the storeaway operators.

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