How To Protect Historic Buildings From Fire

Historic buildings have stood the test of time and survived to be admired for their architectural beauty to this day. Although these buildings have been exposed to extreme weather patterns and natural wear and tear without collapsing, there is one disaster that even modern buildings are susceptible to fire. Accidents that lead to fires inside a historic building can lead to severe and possibly irreparable damages.

Those who are interested in preserving historic buildings for the future should take the following precautionary steps in protecting them against fire:

Schedule A Fire Safety Assessment

The perfect way to know whether the heritage site is a fire hazard is to schedule an inspection of the grounds and the building itself. Professionals who value the historic building while also taking fire safety seriously will understand the need for maintaining the aesthetics of the building without compromising fire safety.

Once the assessment is done, a list of fire safety recommendations will be given to the building owner or manager. Simple things such as blocking off hard to reach places can be done within the day, but major changes such as additional fire exits will require intensive planning with experts.

Install A Fire Detection System

A concern many historians have about fire safety is how fire alarms and other fire detection systems can ruin the historical building. The addition of a state of the art fire alarm system or a fire dampening system can stick out like a sore thumb within a historical site, but with the help of an excellent fire sprinkler company, these necessary additions can be hidden in plain sight.

Yes, changes and additions of modern technology will be done, but this does not have to ruin the interior design of a well-preserved heritage site. Well-Placed fire alarms and sprinklers can blend in with the building. Only those who look very closely and study the areas will notice the new systems have been installed.

Stock Up On Fire Extinguishers

Aside from working with a fire sprinkler company to install a well-concealed fire suppression system within the historical building, other fire safety equipment are a must. All employees must be trained and briefed on where the fire extinguishers are located in case of an emergency.

Sometimes a fast-acting staff member can quickly put out the source of a potential fire long before it can spread and cause any serious damage. It is best to have several working fire extinguishers within reach at all times.

Avoid Using Fuel Or Lighting Fires Within The Buildings

It seems like a simple rule to follow, but for some historical sites, this can be difficult. Buildings with active kitchens and fireplaces must have an excellent fire alarm system in place. Otherwise, it is best to skip using fuel, wood, and other sources of fire inside the historic building.

Up To The Fire Code

As long as the historical building is regularly checked for fire safety and the fire alarm and sprinkler systems are up to date, the chances of fire damage destroying the site is significantly lessened. It is always better to make a few modern changes to ensure that the building lives on for future generations to admire.

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