Landscaping hints for the garden

A home is your haven and therefore you must seek to make it as comfortable and appealing as possible. You don’t have to surround your home with a moat, nope, get the requisite landscaping ideas, on color, texture and the warmth to the place you love to live. There are many ways you can make your home inviting; from planting perennials and annuals to growing shrubs.

Reading this article will give you some landscaping tips on adding weight with planters and even creating outdoor spaces where you can entertain your quests.

Greet guests with flowers

Flowers are perfect in making a home welcoming. Adorn that entrance with assorted annuals and perennials which will keep the place awash all year round. Is it the Snapdragon or the Lilly-of -the Nile, roses are perfect additions to your lawn mise -en- scene. If you have limited space between the street and your house, it is advisable you construct a low fence in front of the yard. This will give an illusion that your house is a distance from the street than the reality and this creates space for planting flowers and vines.

Grow rambling vines

Lovely rambling vines will make your yard landscape impressive. Imagine how romantic and lovely it is to have green tendrils winding around the fence, especially for the delicate flowery vine species. One of the showiest vine species and which would look great in your yard is the clematis. Here you have blossoms of all shades of color; blue, purple, pink and such. You can grow this versatile vine of a fence, trellis, or in a container. For a more leissez-faire style of gardening, let the vines ramble and scramble over the perennials and shrubs.

Learn to dress-up your driveway

Does your driveway look unattractive? Choose the right plants, gravel, and carefully sculpt the landscape. A few steps could transform your home into a gardener’s paradise. Create a slightly raised island of a lawn at the middle of the drive, then, you can use roses, perennials, and annuals to create a low- boxwood hedge. Blend textures and colors of gravel in a unique pattern for fabulous looks. To achieve good results, liaise with landscaping suppliers on the Coast who have the requisite experience to deliver the best.

Look for no-fuss lilies

Crinums are drought-resistant plants that are evergreen even during the warmer months. They are resilient and can withstand long spells of drought. With time, they grow into huge bulbs and this makes them practically indestructible. If you need a high impact and low -maintenance flower, then this is your go-to lily. Adorn your yard with an array of these rainbow hues that will leave your yard dazzling with vibrant colors. These plants like the sun and are not sensitive to the type of soil you plant them and this makes them the most preferred for landscaping.

Use gravel for landscaping

Unlike the flowers and grass that has to be maintained the year round, gravel doesn’t need any maintenance. You only need to get the right sizes, finishes and color shades and then you make the patterns of your wish. You’ll only need to get a good contractor who has the appropriate machinery to supply you with enough amounts of gravel and sand delivery .

Think about how your home would be with good landscaping; a mix of the Lillis and the different shades of gravel. This is the place where you unwind after a day’s work and therefore, you have to make it as appealing as possible.

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