Some Georgian Style of Windows That Allowed a Lot of Ventilation

There are various types of windows seen in different types of houses. The ones that have a traditional look often try to bring in some traditional styles. These windows with a sash for holding the glasses separately without depending on the walls are one such style that can make your house look perfectly traditional. These windows were introduced in the 17th century, and when you get them installed at your home, you will be better airflow for your rooms and protection from intruders. There are different types of these windows with changing technology and changed the thought process of humans. These windows will give your home a different flavor and will keep your rooms well ventilated too.

Double pane windows

These windows will have two parts, and each of these parts is named a sash. The sashes can be pushed up and down on the rail available with the window. The London sash windows with double sash are more in demand. These are also double hung windows and have a single sheet of glass or different small and separate panes for the window. The dividers of the glass are mostly made of wood, but you can also find other materials used for these dividers. The available panes in a sash will help to organize the window, and the name is given accordingly. Some special names and windows are also found.

Divided light for you

When you hear about a ‘six over six’ window, you must understand that the number of panes in each sash is 6 and so you have a big and airy sash to operate with care. Some windows have 8 or 12 panes in each sash, and they will work out efficiently to provide a lot of airflow within your room. There are some interesting terms for these windows and ‘true divided light’ is one of them. The panes here are divided, and the modern panes are often made up of sheet glass with muntin designs so that it looks like a source of divided light.

Fanlight for the exterior passage

Some homes have semicircular windows. They are mostly found over the main doorway and are named fan-light. These designs were popular in the Georgian period of, and they will let the light come through in the hall or the place from where the guests or family members enter. These days such windows are designed with muntins that are created of wood or lead. The panes are separated, and the light comes in through the patterns to give a design of a fan spread open outwards.

Palladian window

This is another type of window that has got the asymmetrical design. The window often has got three parts with a semicircular fan work at the top. The fanlight is placed at the central place at the top. These windows are set in buildings that are built strong and need a lot of space for flow of air and light. An Italian architect named Andrea Palladio formed this style. These windows were popular at the time of Georgian architecture period in England. The London sash windows, fanlight windows or the Palladian are all different types of windows found in the history, and only the sash windows have been revived to bring that stately look in some houses.

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