Stainless Steel Balustrades – Reliable and Cost-Effective


There are many substances of which the balustrades are made of, but there is a particular substance, known as stainless steel, that is the best choice to produce sturdy and appealing balustrades. Stainless steel is an alloy which of iron and chromium which makes it resistant to rust.

Not only this but it is a strong material which can easily be molded into various unique and better shapes. We at SHS are experienced in designing and producing stainless steel balustrades which can easily be implanted anywhere in your house from balconies to terrace to staircases.

The stainless steel balustrades come in two different gauges 304 and 316 with a diameter of 48 mm. The use of this material makes it possible for you to get the product at a low price that requires little maintenance. And even the maintenance doesn’t cost you a fortune, unlike other high-end materials. The stainless steel is also 100% recyclable, and due to its high resistance to temperature and weather condition, it is widely used. It is also resistant to electrical and chemical damage which makes it more durable.

The entire house doesn’t need to be based on just one material, but other materials in combination of this will make sure you have strong and a good presenting house. With the balustrades, stainless steel handrails are quite in and provide a variety like none other.

These handrails are appealing, and we offer many designs of which you can choose and make the handrails and balustrades match so that they make your home, office or any place you wish to install them more beautiful. If you wish to get the most sophisticated design with little or no maintenance at all, then stainless steel balustrades are what you need to get for yourself.

Handrails and Applications

With stainless steel, we can provide you with wire rope balustrade systems. The material is very flexible and due to which it can be used for wire rope. These wire rope extensions are used for many industries that are architectural, structural, industry, marine and DIY. These wires are different types of which there are stainless wires, galvanized, and plastic coated wires. The diameter may range from 1-40 mm.

These balustrades provide solid protection and should never be ignored when you first think of designing your house, office or any other place where you wish to have the strength and the attractiveness. The product we provide is better and stronger than any other has to offer. The customer when once buy from us there is no one else they go or let anyone they know go if they have to buy stainless steel balustrades or wire rope balustrades. Our designs, customer care, and the low budget prices are what lures every other customer, and once it does, we prove to make sure they are not disappointed.


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