8 Innovative apartment bathroom decor ideas

Decorating your apartment is a great way to truly maximize the amount of space that you have. You will be able to personalize your space. Through personalization, you will be able to add in your own touch that nobody else will be able to replicate. You can do this with simple but effective decor.

Are you looking for apartment bathroom decor ideas? It may be tough to figure out what will work for your bathroom with so many ideas that you can get through various home decor resources. Instead of going with the usual trends, why not try out these innovative approaches?

  1. Minimalistic yet ergonomic

Take advantage of as much space as you can with this approach. You should use the empty wall space that you have. Instead of leaving it empty, why not install some storage on the wall itself or attach one on the ceiling? This gives you the opportunity to add in color blocking as well.

  1. Power up while sitting down

Nowadays, you’re expected to bring your phone with you if you’re going to the toilet. You can add in colorful decorations along with various modern implementations such as water-resistant wireless charging docks and more.

  1. For the lazy busybody

Admit it, it’s tough to organize your things when you’re already tired from work. Instead of having to worry about the clothes you need to change out of and change into in your bedroom, have an area where you can get changed in the bathroom.

  1. Safety with a twist

You can add decorative safety grips inside your bathroom. They can help you get around especially when someone forgets to mop the floor before you go inside. You can paint the safety grip with a color that will make it stand out a little better from the rest of the bathroom.

  1. Above the toilet storage

Most apartment bathroom decor ideas tend to focus on the implementation of storage areas around the bathroom such as near the bathtub or sink. Instead of this, you should use the space that you have above the toilet. Use a classic toilet design for decorative purposes.

  1. Decorate the hardware

Don’t miss out on the opportunity of decorating the doorknob, faucet, and even shower knob to create a consistent theme for your bathroom. Let your creativity flow by adding your own personalization into the decorations on the hardware.

  1. Breathing life into the bathroom

Having an area just around the ceiling where you can put plants will give your bathroom much-needed greenery. This will literally breathe in life into your bathroom and is one of the more uncommon apartment bathroom decor ideas that you will encounter today.

  1. Black and white

While most apartment bathroom decor ideas today focus on the usage of pastel color themes, you should go with the classic black and white look. It’s actually a lot more relaxing especially if you have a bathtub inside your bathroom. The lack of strong colors will add to the depth of the room.

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