Cleaning Your Paving Stones in Time for Spring

Spring is on its way – Time to clean your paving stones to ensure that they stay in the best shape possible.

When warmer weather starts to grace us, and the freezing conditions go away, it is time to prepare your garden and hardscapes for spring and summer. Doing this early can allow for you to enjoy the maximum amount of time in your garden – enjoying the weather, having fun and relaxing. Don’t’ try and tell me this isn’t what you want.

This means that before spring arrives you need to clean your paving stones properly, so that they can look great and enhance your garden. Here are some natural stone suppliers flag tips:

Paving Stone Cleaning Tips

Brush off loose dirt: Winter has probably caused a little havoc to your paving stones, causing dirt, branches and other debris to land on your paving stones. You need to get a broom and sweep any loose dirt and debris away. This should be the first thing that you do.

Rinse your paving stones: After you have brushed your paving stones you should get a normal garden hoe and spray down your flags. If you notice that there are any tough marks on your paving stones or moss, you may want to use a strong hose such as a power washer.

Remove stains: If after hosing and power washing your garden flags you notice that they are stained, you should scrub them using a water/detergent solution. You don’t even have to buy expensive solutions you can simply make one using washing up liquid should you wish.

Remove oil: If it is oil that has stained your flags you will find that it is tougher to remove. If you do have oil stains on your flags then you should gout and buy a specialist oil remover and follow the instructions impeccably.

Inspect your paving stones: After you have cleaned your paving stones you should closely inspect them looking for any cracks or chips. If any paving stones are really bad you should consider replacing them to make your entire garden look neat again. This is one of the greatest benefits of paving stones; they can be replaced easily without having to take up entire flooring areas.

Apply paver sealers: When your flags are looking great again you should provide them with a coat of paving sealer so that they can stay looking great for much longer. This is really easy to do and you should be able to do this yourself. Make sure you buy a great sealer though.

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