Difference between appraisal and evaluation of your home

If you are planning to buy or sell your house then you have to do a lot of research. You have to contact many buyers, contractors, dealers etc which will provide you information about their expertise in your home. If you want to sale your previous home to buy a new home then you must do the evaluation of your home first. Now, what is the meaning of evaluation and why there is a need to evaluate your home? So, in this article, we will learn about what is a Home Evaluation and appraisal of the home.

Home Evaluation:

Many people have confusion about evaluation and appraisals of a house, so let’s learn what is a Home Evaluation? A home evaluation is a report created by a real estate agent or dealer in which he will provide the details of your home by comparing with other similar homes in the market. It will be done every time when you buy or sell your property. With the help of evaluation, the seller or buyer will know the exact price of the house in the market depending on the location and condition of the house. The evaluation can help you to make a good impression of you in front of lenders to provide you more money than the home’s exact value.


The appraisals of your house are defined as the value of your home after the evaluation which helps you to arrange finance or mortgage. The appraisers will come to your house to check the age and size of your home. So, if anyone ask you that what is a Home Evaluation then you can simply tell him/her this process and the appraisals also depend on the basis of the material used in constructing your house, brands of the products, air conditioning, brand of electric and sanitary appliances and many more which is used to build your house.

So, all these measures are to be taken when you are planning to buy or sell your property to get the best price of the property.

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