Common House Spiders

Certain spiders are more likely to land themselves inside of your home. Not all spiders are dangerous, in fact most spiders will not hurt you. Luckily most spiders that live inside of your harm will not hurt you, instead they will only scare your family and be a nuisance.

Some of the spiders you can expect to see living inside of your home include wolf spiders, jumping spiders, and sac spiders. Each of these spiders appear very different but all share their love for living inside of your home. Learning more about these spiders can help your protect your family from dangerous spiders if they ever enter your home.

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are pretty decent sized spiders that are sure to scare your little children when they happy open them inside of your home. They usually range in size from a quarter of an inch to an inch in length. You should expect them to be brown in color with slightly furry bodies. Wolf spiders like to live underneath of different objects. If your kids have lifted rocks out of your flowerbeds in your yard they have likely come into contact with a wolf spider. Because these spiders like to live close to the ground, they are often found in people’s basements hiding underneath of whatever objects they can find close to the ground. Wolf spiders do move quickly and without hesitation. However, they are not harmful to your children. Some people even prefer to keep wolf spiders as pests.

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Jumping Spiders

You have almost without a doubt come into contact with a jumping spider at some point in your life. The dark black spiders are very common inside of people’s homes. Their bodies are very dark and often slightly fuzzy. Many jumping spiders also have little white dots on their bodies. Jumping spiders get their name from their ability to jump long distances. Jumping spiders use their hops to attack their food from a distance. They can sneak up on their prey quickly and without notice by jumping. These spiders like to be in the sun and are often found in near walls and windows where there is sunlight. They are not going to cause a lot of harm to your family, outside of being scary because of their large eyes and quick movements.

Sac Spiders

Sac spiders love to live in your yard near different types of foliage. Because they love your yard, you can only expect them to eventually find their way inside of your home as well. These small spiders are yellow and light in color. Some may even think that they are translucent. They prefer to live on the ceilings or in other high places inside of your home. These little spiders do not have venom that is going to be dangerous for your family.

If you find spiders living inside of your home, you need to call Pointe Pest Control. Even if spiders are not dangerous for your family, it is not good to be living with them. A pest control company and come in and remove spiders from your home quickly and effectively.

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