How to Move House Without Losing Your Sanity

For many people moving is an exercise which they find pretty awful. They seem to have more stuff than they would ever imagine collecting during their time. There are however a few things you could do to make your move more pleasurable and ensure you won’t lose your sanity in the process.

Forget the daily musts

While we’re not saying skip out on gym every day, it might be a great idea to take that time you would have spent in the gym, to pack up the kitchen or the spare room or even the office. Don’t be so hard on yourself either. You are going to be trying to find a perfect balance in your work, social and moving life.

If you find yourself still packing up at 9 pm, maybe you deserve that late night snack, not feel too guilty about t either, you’ve been working really hard trying to manage everything.

Don’t be afraid to stray from your routine

As much as we would all like for a routine to make things a little easier, the truth is that it doesn’t it will simply place additional stress on you and your family while you scramble to get everything you own packed into a few little boxes.

Moving is not stress-free

As much as you can pre-plan you move, you will soon find that if there is something that can go wrong it will and then you’ll be in a world of stress without solutions. The key here is to think logically and accept that the stress will happen. After you have accepted that there will be some degree of stress involved in your move you will find that it is easier to deal with. Take a deep breath and properly assess the situation before moving forward.

There will be uncertainty

During the packing stages, in the move and when you have arrived at your new house there will always be uncertainty; you need to make sure that you accept this. Although you do not have to like the uncertainty, you can accept it and this will make your move a little less stressful. You don’t have to worry about everything all at once.

Ask for help

Thinking you can do it all yourself and realizing the day of your move, there is no way you can handle the whole process by yourself is a major cause of stress during a move. You will need to realize early on that you will need help. Call in the re-enforcements and don’t be afraid the more hands you have to help you the easier and the quicker it will go.

De-clutter as you go

Simple if you haven’t used it in the last year, get rid of it. This can go for kids toys, dust-covered little toiletries, half empty nail varnishes which have hardened, absolutely anything you have not used and are not planning to use in the near future. The less you have to pack away the less you’ll have to move, easy! For more info, check out Excalibur Removals

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