Hydroponic Growing Tents

An all-time season indoor garden

Hydroponics is an agricultural method of growing plants in mediums like gravel, sand, or liquid but without using soil. This is a modern technique which uses mineral nutrients solution which is soluble in water to allow the efficiency of nutrients uptake than the traditional use of soil. Selecting an appropriate medium determines the success of the production of your agricultural business. Hydroponics technique tends to yield plumber produce than the conventional soil-based technology.

Growing tents are useful equipment that can transform any form of indoor space into an all-time season indoor garden. Grow tents use, is the most convenient way of converting empty indoor space into a contained and controlled area for an all year round farming.

Location for your growing tent

You need to choose right places to dedicate the growing tents for a few months. Keep in mind the need for easy water access and the supply of power required in this area. One needs to select an electrical circuit that can handle the kind of equipment one desires to use. They are prone to spills and accidents, so putting growing tents over hardwood floors or carpets should be avoided when possible.

In as much as grow tents are made for precisely growing plants within, of essence is the necessity for light proof control and isolated environment for growing plants. The inside of these tents should provide the best possible environment for the growth of plants.

Grow tent categorisation

Grow tents can be categorized using the following factors:

 The size.

 The type of medium to use

 The quality

 The performance

 The price

Upon factoring the above considerations, it becomes easy for one to select a specific grow tent to suit their requirement.

The growing medium

The growing medium is one of the vital factors when selecting the right to grow tent setup. There is a significant difference in growing your plants in inert mediums, soil, and nutrient solution. Even though traditional soil medium lacks optimum productivity levels, it is still a natural way to grow plants since it acts naturally between your growing plants and their nutrient needs. This protects one from incidences of human error, should one under or over does a nutrient supply. Although hydroponic systems outdo soil systems, they can be unforgiving in instances of human error. This implies that crop loss is unavoidable. Therefore, hydroponic based systems are only useful when one has sufficient knowledge on how to properly use and maintain it. If you lack adequate expertise on the hydroponic systems, changing from the traditional soil medium should be gradual for a smooth transition.

Grow tent size

The size of a tent will depend on the space one wants to work with for farming. One should consider having a space for group maintenance, e.g. pruning or weeding when settling on size. Also, space required for intake points and other appliances should be put into an account. On average a perimeter of around 12 inch should be in place around your growing tent.

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