5 Stunning Benefits of Acrylic Glass Pictures That You Should Be Aware Of

Acrylic glass pictures are stunning decorative options for houses and offices. Besides, their value and worth can be evaluated by the fact that their demand is increasing day-by-day. They are vibrant and lively frames with unmatched color quality and clarity. Besides, they look realistic and life-like. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while choosing a company to buy acrylic glass prints. The most important of those considerations include the following.

  • The company that you choose should have a customer satisfaction record. Which is why it’s always wise to choose established companies that have experience in manufacturing and supplying glass prints for art galleries.
  • Companies that offer thorough customer assistance are most genuine. Nathless, you should be given a complete tour of what you should expect, and everything at fair prices.
  • Good companies do offer astounding variety for you to choose from. Thus, a company that’s capable of delivering stunning pictures in metal prints, as well as acrylic prints alongside acrylic glass pictures, are the ones to be trusted.

Why Are Acrylic Glass Pictures So Popular?

If you are thinking about buying an acrylic glass picture, the following guide on its benefits and features will be very useful.

  1. Glass pictures from Big Acrylic can be made small, large, thick, and thin, according to whatever your preference, budget, and requirements are. The largest frame size can range between 40-120 inches with a ⅜-inch thick wooden panel.
  2. Acrylic glass prints can be waterproofed and sunproofed. Thus, they make wonderful outdoor pictures that do not lose their shine and color despite heat, wind, moisture, and rain.
  3. Acrylic photo prints are made with the help of flatbed printers. And flatbed prints done on the back side of the glass look more real-like, reflective, and clear. Also, the colors are equally as bright as the high-resolution images that you see in HD televisions.
  4. The wooden panel can be made thin as well as thick. However, the wood for the panel is always high-quality dibond or Sintra. This makes glass pictures more sustainable as they become less fragile and more strong against breakage.
  5. There are multiple types of acrylic glass prints, but the most popular one is the floating photo print. Floating photo print features 1” wide Sintra wooden panels that support the picture. When you press the print against the wall, the end result is a floating illusion. Besides, the adhesive is strong enough to hold even large pictures.

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