Safety And Health Issues Caused By A Dirty Dryer Vent

The washing machine and dryer at home are typically seen as necessities for the house. These two appliances are seen as worth it investments because they are used regularly. Although these appliances are used almost daily, many owners do not pay close attention to the dryer vents inside the machine. It is very common to think that just because the vents cannot be seen, they don’t require vent cleaning services.

Allowing the vents to get clogged and dirty is a big mistake as it can lead to a series of health and safety issues. These are the most common problems that arise when a dryer vent isn’t regularly cleaned:

#1 – Damp Laundry

A clogged dryer vent is usually the result of lint and other debris building up inside the dryer. The buildup of dirt prevents the machine from properly ventilating the air inside the machine which affects its purpose. Loads of laundry will come out soggy and damp and will require several cycles to dry.

The machine will consume a lot of energy and cause a spike in your utility bills. Although it is not a health or safety issue, damp laundry is still a hassle to deal with, especially when you end up paying more just to dry your clothes. Regularly scheduled vent cleaning services will ensure the air passages are clean and the dryer works efficiently.

#2 – Mold And Musty Odors

A clear sign that the dryer vents are dirty and clogged is the presence of a musty odor inside the laundry room. This odor will be hard to ignore as it will get stronger as time passes and will eventually reach other parts of the house. The cause of the smell comes from heat and humidity getting trapped in the vent which makes for the perfect environment for mold growth.

The longer vents remain dirty, the higher the risk of mold infestation becomes which can turn the home into a giant health hazard. It is best to get the vents cleaned as soon as a hint of musty odors starts to form within the laundry room.

#3 – Fire Hazard

It is estimated that every year, over 17,000 reported fires from the home are caused by the clothes dryer. The dryer produces a lot of heat to dry the clothes and when there is too much dirt trapped inside the vent, the machine cannot regulate its internal temperature which makes it a fire hazard.

What makes dirty dryer vents even more dangerous is the lint trapped within the vents. Lint doesn’t just trap the heat within the dryer, it is also highly flammable making dryer fires hard to contain once ignited.

Regularly Clean Your Dryers

The best way to keep your clothes dryers functioning properly is to clean the lint trap after each cycle. This way no hot air is trapped inside and your clothes can dry properly without the risk of fire. Aside from emptying the lint trap, it is highly recommended to call a vent cleaning expert so that they can inspect and fully clean the dryers, even from the smallest of fibers.

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