Stunning Sandstone Paving

There is a delightful range of sandstone paving products manufactured and distributed by leading suppliers in the UK. Look for names like Global Stone, Stonemarket and Rivar Sand and Gravel for excellence.

Indian sandstone is exquisite, enduring and cost effective. It’s also unique. Thanks to nature and several passing millennia no two pieces of sandstone are identical. Quartz is frequently an integral component of sandstone slabs which adds an enchanting sparkle to the sedimentary rock.

10 important factors when choosing sandstone slabs:

  • Budget – Almost any budget can be met.
  • Function –  Is it a family garden/entertaining space/paving around a water feature?
  • Is the sandstone paving intended to be a stand out feature, perhaps a patio circle?
  • Aesthetic appeal – There’s a plethora of colours and hues. Which will you fall in love with?
  • Drainage – Sandstone is porous.
  • Your personality should be reflected in your sandstone paving choices.
  • How the sandstone will enhance the existing landscaping materials and planting.
  • Low maintenance levels.
  • Your expertise doesn’t have to be exceptional to install sandstone slabs.
  • Time to install is weekend project friendly.

Where to purchase sandstone paving

Sandstone slab suppliers in and around Berkshire, including Rivar Sand and Gravel in Newbury, Tadley and Windlesham, should only stock ethically sourced, fair payment Indian sandstone products.

Unfortunately, health and safety is still lacking and child labour an issue in several Indian quarries but the majority of firms wouldn’t consider trading with the disreputable and irresponsible firms.

A clear conscious adds to the enjoyment of your sandstone paving . Leading landscapers offer peace of mind.

Global Stone’s Artisan Mirage Aurora sandstone slabs.

  • Its pink, beige, plum and buff tones are majestic.
  • Project packs cover 13.65 metres squared.
  • Contemporary and stylish paving that you’ll admire for years.
  • It can be used to unify interior and exterior spaces.

Global Stone’s Artisan Mirage York Green sandstone paving.

  • Available in a 7.3 metre squared mixed sandstone slab project pack.
  • A traditional and pleasing appearance that won’t lose its appeal.
  • The sandstone slabs are sophisticated, unique and enduring.
  • Ideal for continuity from indoors to outside spaces.
  • Castle grey and mint are alternatives, widely available.

Global Stone’s Modak rose 2.8 metre diameter circle.

  • Indian sandstone slabs.
  • Ethically sourced.
  • Rich reds, pinks and brown hues add vibrancy.
  • One centre circle and three outer rings.
  • An outstanding feature and/or focal point.
  • A wise long term landscaping investment.

Stonemarket’s Cordara Indian sandstone paving.

  • Light textured sawn paving surface optimises the aesthetic appeal.
  • Linear cut resembles wood.
  • Hard wearing quartzitic sandstone paving.
  • Pack size covers 10 metres squared in 1000 x 200 sandstone slabs.
  • Cordara sandstone paving is available in Iberian Oak and Nordic Ash.

Rivar Sand and Gravel mint 2.6 metre diameter spinning circle.

  • Ethically sourced in India.
  • Unique patterns and mineral deposits.
  • Lightly riven surface to maximise allure.
  • Top quality guaranteed.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable.

This article offers just a small insight in to the sandstone slabs available through Rivar Sand and Gravel, Global Stone, Stonemarket and fellow suppliers.

Please seek expert advice to achieve your sandstone paving aspirations.

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