Themes For Kids Rooms

When you want to design and set up a kid’s bedroom all you need to think about is needs. Kids have different needs than adults and, finding a good theme for them may be difficult because, after all, you are not a kid anymore right? Grab some elbow grease and put all your creativity to work and you’ll be able to transform your kid’s room into a nice and bright space for him to live and spend a great deal of time!

First, think about a bold and beautiful theme. Bold and beautiful themes are not only good for kids, but also for adults. Graphic bedding is much more useful than thinking about princesses, planes and other cheesy graphics displayed on kid’s rooms. This is because your kid is going to grow up and then, he will think these cheesy graphics are stupid and you’ll have to redesign everything. If you want a graphic bedding that is timeless and will last until your kid goes to college, think about geometric paper in black and white color for example. If you think that’s too bold for your kid, you can just do it in some place of the room as an accent. Remember, kids don’t usually like princesses, planes, planets and all that stuff, it is us who think they do. Something functional is way better than that, and will last longer.

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Another option is to use cheery and bright colors to inspire your creativity and giving the room a touch of fresh air. Good colors for this are lime green or aqua blue. Let your kid live in a place full of creativity and help him to grow up the artist inside him. Creative supplies are something that, give a nice accent to the room and also will help your kid to be something useful when he grows up. Art and creative supplies are not only a good accent. Pick some mason jars and hang them from the bottom of the shelf, this will help to organize small craft supplies and looks really cool! A corner window with blinds also looks really great for a kids’ room.

Think about their comfort. Creating a beautiful space is one thing, but making them feel comfortable and cozy is another very different one. Fill their bed with patterns, pillows and colors. Kids love pillows so, the more you have the better. No matter if they end up in the floor every day, they won’t get so dirty and will give a nice accent to the room. You can also use plushies instead of pillows, but don’t overdo it or the room will be useless when he grows up. Fill the room with books and put them at a height your kids can arrive to them because, books are very decorative, but they are also useful for reading.

Follow these advices and you’ll create a space your kid won’t want to leave and, not only that, it will also be a sanctuary for their creativity and progress! Take the step and don’t hesitate.

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