Top 5 Landscaping Mistakes To Avoid

If you think that landscaping is an easy thing, think again. There are different kinds of dumb landscaping errors that even your green-thumb mothers can make. In this post, we will share you the top 5 common landscaping mistakes that you need to avoid.

  1. Not Having Sufficient Colour For The Yard

Spring and summer time are ideally the best time for planting. However, the fall season holds great promise for gardening aficionados. Don’t miss on the amazing colors offered by the autumn. Ask your Amico gardener about the best shrubs and vines with excellent fall foliage. You may also consider getting services for  retaining walls Bondi, Eastern Suburbs at Amico for better result.

  1. Lack Of Interest In Fall

Some garden owners often neglect the fall season for home landscape design. Actually, it is in wintertime that you need a yard décor the most to bring your families into cheer. Have a passion for the season and it will give you an inspiration for your landscape design project.

  1. Not Considering Automatic Irrigation

Sprinklers can you both time and money. If you have a large lawn, the best option for you is to for automatic irrigation. You can contact your local gardening expert about it.

Sure thing, you lover having plants outside your home, but you also love travelling, don’t you? And in this case, who will take care of your plants while you’re away? Well, you may ask someone to take care of them in the meantime, but why would take a chance? The best way for you is to incorporate automatic irrigation to your home landscape design.

  1. Planting On A Hill Side That May Erode Anytime

Using a retaining wall is a great way to hold back the soil that would erode. So go and build Natural Stone Suppliers retaining walls on the hillside and make the land useable.

If you have a steep slope in the year, then it can be difficult for you to retain topsoil when heavy rain attacks. The problem is that you didn’t work on your erosion problem before planting. The best trick is to build a retaining wall first and then you can plant later. You can consider getting retaining walls at or other services for  garden maintenance in Bondi, Sydney by Amico for great results.

  1. Not Considering An Expert Garden Expert

Sure thing, you may have a green thumb, but it does not mean that you all know the ins and outs of gardening. If you think that you need some help with your gardening project, then you can contact a local garden designer in your area. A professional gardening expert can help you design your landscape and provide the best ways for proper care and maintenance of your plants.

Avoid these landscaping mistakes in order to have a perfectly manicured and gorgeous landscape. For more help with your landscaping project, don’t hesitate to contact Amico.

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