Everything You Need to Know About Roof Restoration and Maintenance

One of the most exposed surfaces of the entire building structure is the roof. The roof of the house is constantly exposed to atmospheric elements that can cause severe damage to the surfaces. If you have an asphalt or a concrete roof, it usually requires a considerable amount of maintenance and repairs. Without proper maintenance, it will not be long before shingles start falling over, leaving exposed patches on the roof. Before you know it, water will start seeping through the surface. It could cause severe damage to the ceiling of the house, and if the water seeps in through the water pockets, it can also lead to the growth of mould in the building.

Every five to ten years, you will need to hire a company to carry out roof restoration work. Restoring the roof of the building is not the same as repair work. Basically, roof repairs involve simply fixing patches that have been damaged and installing shingles that have been damaged or fallen off. However, roof restoration involves overhauling the entire roof structure to make it look as new as possible. Here are a few important things that you should know about roof restoration and maintenance.

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What Does It Involve?

If you are tired of constant leaks and noises coming from the roof, you might want to consider a roof restoration. Roof restoration prices in Perth generally vary depending upon the extent of damage to your roof. When you hire a roof restoration expert, they will start by carefully inspecting the roof of the building. A newly restored roof could greatly increase the value of your property, and help you sell it much quicker in a competitive real estate market.

Once the roof inspection has been completed, the roof will then be cleaned properly. Dirty roofs do not simply look bad, they also increase the rate at which tiles deteriorate and will incur costly repairs and replacements. A high-pressure cleaning job is necessary to repair the roof and restore it properly.


All loose caps will be capped and repointing will be done on areas that need to be rebedded. In many cases, you will notice that there are loose tiles as well. These loose tiles will be properly sealed to avoid them from getting dislodged later on. Once all of the repair work is done, a final roof coating will be applied on the roof to prevent it from leaking or being affected by environmental elements later on. These are just a few things that you need to know about restoring the roof of the house. Obviously, it will cost more money than standard roof repairs.

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