Why You Should Hire a Mobile Crane

Every project manager with any experience will tell you in no uncertain terms that getting the job done on time and as close to budget as possible is the key to ongoing success in the building and construction industry. Indeed, any building project of any size that needs to be managed should always follow these essential rules. The problem is that things don’t often go to plan and it often happens that tight deadlines need to be met at the last minute.

OnSite and Facing Challenges

Just imagine that you are part of a small construction team and the weather is starting to turn bad. You need to unload some raw material from a delivery as soon as possible but you just don’t have the manpower or the tools to unload the material quickly or safely.

This is a tough scenario because every project manager and contractor understands that there are clear safety guidelines to be followed. Not doing so could be cause for stopping construction at best and serious injury and death at worst. No private or public stakeholders in such a project want to have to deal with such a legal headache. What is the answer?

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The Mobile Crane Answer

For these cases, mobile crane hire in Perth should be your first thought and first point of contact. A mobile crane can be hired at the last minute from some companies. Some of these companies also operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that they can meet a tight deadline. In the above scenario, a mobile crane can be used to unload the material from the delivery truck before the nasty weather sets in, saving further costly delays and frustrations.

Of course, mobile cranes are useful across a range of scenarios, including but not limited to:

  • Short-term hire for very small builds
  • Unloading cargo from trucks in the transport industry
  • Covering cranes that are normally used because they are either unavailable for the job or they have simply broken down and are unsafe to use
  • Recovering equipment and loads that have been involved in an accident
  • Replacing tower cranes in cases where a smaller mobile crane will do the job

Rules and Regulations

The fact is that there are many rules and regulations around the use of heavy equipment such as tower cranes and mobile cranes. Ensuring that a team is using the correct crane is essential to adhering to the rules that everyone needs to abide by on a building and construction site.

One of the biggest benefits of hiring equipment from a professional third party is that they always ensure that the equipment is wellmaintained and safe. In this sense, hiring something such as a mobile crane makes perfect sense.

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