Wedding Checklist for a Memorable Evening

There is one event in your life that you want to spend a great amount of time planning, your wedding. The day you get married should be one of the best days of your life and the event will reflect that and be a lot of what you remember. As you approach the big day you are likely feeling slightly overwhelmed by the amount of things that continue to pop into your head that need to be finished.

To help alleviate the stress of the big day, we have made a list of things that you need to plan and think about before the big day. This is in no way a comprehensive list, but only a list to help jog your memory of the small details that you do not want to miss out of when you are planning your big event.

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The wedding to-do list:

  1.     Food
  2.     Hire a catering company
  3.     Make sure you have enough seating
  4.     Décor
  5.     Choose a theme
  6.     Decide on a style
  7.      Focus on table décor
  8.     Decide where you will stand
  9.     Design the wedding table
  10.     Honeymoon
  11.     Do you need a passport
  12.     Ample amount of clothing
  13.      A great camera
  14.     A journal
  15.     Ceremony
  16.     Officiator
  17.     Wedding party
  18.      Seating
  19.     Location

Food is a great part of your wedding. Trying to decide how you are going to feed all of the people you have invited can b every stressful. You will be thankful that you chose to hire a Manhattan wedding caterer once your special day comes. Wedding catering companies are well prepared to manage the dinner and seating for your event. They will be sure to have enough food for your guests as well as have it ready when you need it.

Décor is also important and we would highly suggest that you go ahead and hire a company to manage the décor for your wedding. There are great wedding planners available to help your find a great décor company to make sure that the event center is exactly what you have been envisioning.

The ceremony itself is the heart of the event. Make sure that you have studied who your officiator is going to be and be sure they are going to be a good fit for what you want. You also need to think about your wedding party and where you want your guests to be seated. The ceremony location is also going to be a big decision and should be thought about extensively.

Finally, where you choose to go on your honeymoon is a big decision. It will always be the first vacation you take with your loved one and you want to pick a location that will be memorable. Do not forget to check into any small details so you will not show up unprepared.

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