How local landscapers work with businesses across their area

Landscapers often provide contract work for commercial premises across your local area. Whilst landscapers day to day duties will include driveways, paving, garden design and structures such as fences, there are many other duties they carry out for businesses. A professional landscaper will not only be handy in the garden but will also be able to prepare large areas for renovation. Groundwork is where a landscaper comes in, laying the foundations by making the ground level for future work.

Let’s have a look at some of the roles of  Find a Landscaper in the commercial sector, many of these type of jobs have been completed by Groby Landscapes in Leicestershire , who have worked with many commercial contracts over the years.

Country Parks

Often country parks mean a lot of maintenance, hedges being cut, fences being replaced and trees being kept in order. Whilst these are all the jobs of a landscape gardening company, there are many other roles of landscapers when it comes to country parks.

When a country park wants to add a new area of grass then a landscaper can remove angles in the ground to make this a reality. They can then install fences in the area and work with the land owners to ensure wild animals are kept where they should be (outside of the country park).

Often further developing areas with water is also where a landscaper comes in. They can provide decking to go over a picturesque pond or stream.

Water features also might be included as part of a contract to make the park look interesting. Think of Bradgate Park and the amount of landscaping involved there.

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When you think of a festival, a landscapers involvement might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Before a festival starts there is much to consider in the way that the land sits. Landscapers can level out the ground, or even use large plastic removable floor tiles to protect the current ground. We often see this method being used at football stadiums to protect the playing field.

At larger festivals we have seen a larger involvement from landscaping, with paved areas for sitting and themed areas such as mazes and gardens to add to the festival spirit.

New Housing estates

New housing estates involve landscapers every step of the way. Long gone are the days where an area would be built on without considering the surrounding areas. Now landscapers will create small parks for children with grass areas and fencing. There’s often a paving theme going around a new estate, as well as drives to consider. Landscaping companies have their work cut out for them when any new housing estate is built in the area.

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