What type of geyser you want for yourself?

If you live in a region where the climate remains colder throughout the year then you should make use of geyser, so that you can get the warm water supply in your house. Use of geyser solves the problem of cold water but use of geyser also increases the house energy bill as well. That’s why it is advised that you should use Low pressure solar geyser that keeps the energy level low. Solar geyser works through the energy of sun and doesn’t consume any electricity to run. So, by this way you can save a lot of money.

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Active or passive geyser

Solar geyser is considered as a very energy efficient geyser as well, so installing of the geyser proves to be very beneficial. However, when it comes to buying the geyser then the very first thing that you need to choose what type of solar geyser you want whether you want an active geyser or passive geyser.

In passive geyser system, warm water rises and cool water sinks in order to circulate the hot water through the system. While on the other hand active system pushes the water through the pump help. Active systems also require little extra equipment such as circulating pump including several components and just because of it, it is little more expensive but it provides a continuous hot water supply into the water.

In the solar geyser, there are basically three different components such as circulation system, tank or collector. Out of these three components collector has a major impact over the geyser as well as efficiency of the geyser. This is because collector receives the sun’s warmth and then transfers it to the water, that’s why it is very essential for you to take care of the collector and ensure its regular maintenance for the proper working.

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