Learn more about Specialty Media Before Going for Media Blasting

Many people think sand blasting and specialty media blasting are the same things, but there is a subtle difference. You have to consider the use of blasting media in these techniques to differentiate between the two. Sand and grit are common blasting media in sandblasting, but you cannot rely on sandblasting when trying to clean rather fragile and soft surfaces. This is when specialty media blasting works in a much better way.

Specialty media blasting relies on custom-made media blast pots, which you cannot find on a rental basis. There are many benefits of using this technique, but you have to hire skilled professionals only to handle your project. Failing to hire someone with proper knowledge and training regarding the use of specific equipment would hurt you in a big way. However, it is important to mention that some companies now use specialty media in traditional sandblasting to achieve similar results. It may help to a certain extent, but again, it depends heavily on how skilled the person handling the project is.

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Before opting for specialty media blasting, you should get some more information regarding the media used in the technique. For instance:

  • Crushed glass is a common choice and it is actually recycled glass. It is then ground into fine particles to make it usable. For delicate jobs, you can find very fine recycled glass, whereas large, coarse sizes are also available to handle more aggressive applications. You can also find specific types of ground glass, such as the ones used in windshields.
  • Corn Cobb is another commonly used blast product and is usually created using the ground up cobs of seed corn. The seed is first removed and the cobs are ground. They are then grades to be used in the blasting industry. You can find several different grades of the ground cob. The system resembles the grading system used for the sandpaper. The corncob size becomes aggressive when the grade number is lower. You can use it to remove sealer from log cabins. The best thing is that it is an environmentally friendly option to use.
  • Mined from the ground, garnet is a natural mineral and another commonly used blasting media. It is quite similar to sand, but it produces less dust, which is another reason why it is a good choice in specialty media blasting. It serves perfectly to handle projects where you want the power of sand without having to deal with dust.

In addition to these, other examples of specialty media are walnut shell, steel shot, coal slag, shot, and more. While there certainly are many different options regarding media blasting, you should take your time before selecting a service provider. Not all companies will have professionals trained to handle media blasting. It is therefore a good idea to conduct your research and ask your friends and colleagues for referrals. You may also ask the service provider about the process they follow when handling different projects. It may certainly take some time to evaluate different service providers, but it will help you make a right decision.

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