Why Basement Renovations can Help You Fall in Love with Your Home Again

The feeling of purchasing a home is amazing; whether it is your first or you tenth you will find a thrill shoots through your body as you cross the threshold for the first time.

There will be many different thoughts going through your head, these may center round the plans you have to improve it, or the family you want to bring up in your new home.  The options, when you purchase you home, seem endless!

Reality Strikes

Unfortunately as time passes, even if you managed to complete all the improvements you wanted, you will start to fall out of love with your home.  This is because it will become too familiar.  In fact, you may even start to feel trapped within your home; especially if it is not at the necessary standard to sell for top dollar.

It is at this point that you should consider basement renovations.

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Why the Basement

It is possible to expand your home by building an extension, converting the attic or even the garage.  However, these options are generally very expensive and they will often involve planning permission.  Whilst it will certainly provide you with extra space it may not help, you love your house again; especially if it makes no practical difference.

However basement renovations will!  The basement is one area of your home which is often underappreciated and unloved.  It is the lowest floor and may not have any windows; however, it is also often the largest space in the house.  It covers the same floor area as your downstairs but can be created as one room; if you wish.

There are a range of reasons why basement renovations should be your next project and why they will help you to fall in love with your home again:

  • Gaining a new floor is much like gaining an additional apartment within your home. You can plan the best layout for your needs and build the perfect spot for hiding away or creating your favorite objects.
  • Affordable – basement renovations can be completed in stages, you can do some or all of the work yourself and there is no need to obtain planning permission. It is already part of your home.  This makes it a practical project.
  • Added Value – Adjusting your house in such a significant way will increase the value of your home. It will need to be finished to a good standard but this is in your own interests as well!  Adding extra bedrooms, a play room or even moving the kitchen into this new space will make your house more appealing and more valuable.  You may not want to sell as you will have fallen in love with your home again but basement renovations are an excellent way to raise the value of your home.
  • Show it off! – One of the best things about undertaking basement renovations is that you will be able to show off the finished products to your friends and watch them go green with envy!  This will certainly make you feel good.

The key to falling in love with your home again is illustrated by the basement renovations; your home will feel fresh and inviting again.  Invigorating your home will have the same effect on you and make it your dream home once more.

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