What To Do In Case Of Fire At Your Restaurant’s Kitchen

Keeping your restaurant safe from fire entails a lot of diligence when it comes to regular cleaning and inspection of your appliances, purchasing and maintaining fire prevention gears, hiring fire protection services York PA, and teaching your staff important do’s and don’ts.

Common Causes of Restaurant Fires

Even the most equipped restaurant is not exempted from getting affected by a fire-related incident. At any point in time, you might be needing help from the nearest fire brigade. The most common causes of restaurant fires are as follows:

Cooking equipment

Heating equipment

Electrical distribution and lighting equipment

Smoking materials

Intentional reasons

Things To Do in Case of Fire

In case a fire breaks out within your business’ premises, we’ve compiled important things that you should do.

Don’t panic. It’s typical for people to panic in times of fire-related emergencies. But you and your staff should foremost be composed to be able to get a good grasp of the situation when it arises.

Play designated roles. As part of your emergency response scheme, you must delegate particular roles to your staff so that when a fire breaks out, all things needed to be done will be accomplished accordingly. These tasks include calling the fire department, activating the alarm, extinguishing the fire, and escorting people to a safe place.

It’s also wise to do a “buddy system” or “rotation system” so that that role is not only confined to one person. The former entails assigning the role to a pair of an employee. Meanwhile, the latter refers to delegating the roles to your employees at a particular period of time, then re-assigning them to other employees afterward. You can also do a combination of both.

Give first-aid. If a staff or an individual gets burned during the fire incident, give first-aid responses immediately.

– The first important thing to do is to pull the victim away from the fire source. If the victim’s clothes are in flame, wrap a blanket around him or her.

– If his or her clothes are contaminated by a burning chemical, have it removed. However, if it’s stuck to the skin, you can either leave it or cut it away.

– If the burn is electrical, make sure to turn the power source of the equipment first before lending out a helping hand.

– Hold the affected area under running water for around 10 minutes.

– Keep him or hem calm until the rescue team or a team from the fire protection services PA arrives.

Prevention and Preparedness are Key

Commercial kitchens are a fire incident-prone area. In order to keep it safe and secure, proper preventive measures should be undertaken. Apart from firing professional fire protection services PA, it’s important to keep these things in mind as well:

Store things properly and keep flammable objects away from possible fire sources

Regularly clean and inspect your kitchen and premises

Get your staff trained on how to properly use kitchen equipment

Prepare an evacuation plan and assign roles for your staff to take on in case of emergency

Conduct fire drills

Being prepared in case of a fire spells the big difference. At Westminster Fire Extinguisher Services, we offer products and fire protection services York PA that can help save lives and properties.

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