9 Signs You Need New Siding For Your Home

It is typical to hear homeowners discuss kitchen, bathroom, and floor renovations, but many tend to forget about the importance of the home’s exteriors. In truth, most strangers only ever get to see the outside of a home. If the exteriors like the sidings aren’t kept updated, the home will look unkempt and worse for wear. These are clear signs that your home needs new siding installation and soon:

1 – Bubbling And Warped Sidings

Bubble formation on the sidings indicates that there is water trapped under the surface. If it is not fixed soon, the water will spread and the warping of the siding will begin and more effort and money is required to fix the sidings when it has warped.

2 – Cracked And Loose Sidings

When water damage has been left unattended for too long, the sidings will begin to crack and pull away from the house. As time passes, the sidings will deteriorate and a few boards will require replacement, but if caught in time, the cost might still be covered under the warranty.

3 – Sudden Increase In Energy Bills

Once you start noticing a significant increase in the energy bills even if you haven’t done anything differently, the siding might be the reason. Professional siding installation should keep a home well-insulated, but when it has deteriorated, it can no longer perform as intended which leads to an increase in utility bills.

4 – Presence Of Dry And Wet Rot

Both dry and wet rot will affect the structure of the home and should be addressed before the damage spreads. If rotting is present this can indicate that the siding is not doing its job of protecting the home and should be replaced immediately.

5 – Mold And Mildew Growth

Sidings that aren’t protecting the home will allow moisture to get trapped inside the walls creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew growth. If the siding is not replaced soon, the growth of fungus will spread making the home a health and safety hazard.

6 – Interior Paint And Wallpaper Damage

If there is something wrong on the interior walls, there is also something wrong it exterior counterparts. When the paint and the wallpaper within the house start to peel, take a look at the sidings. There is a good chance that they aren’t protecting the home from water damage anymore.

7 – Drafty Interiors

The interior part of the home should feel comfortable when the thermostat is set, if not, the sidings might be at fault. A draft may be entering the home causing a drop in temperature because there is an air leak caused by loose sidings.

8 – Repainting Problems

The fading color of the siding is a clear sign that it needs replacing. It can also be tempting to cover it with fresh paint, but when the paint starts to peel and you find yourself repainting the sidings frequently it is time to finally replace them.

9 – Separation At The Seams

As time passes, the seams of the siding will slowly separate from the walls and create the perfect water pockets. Once the siding starts to separate; get new ones to prevent any serious damage from happening.

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