5 budget ways to eliminate rodents from your home

Anyone who has had to deal with a rodent infestation knows the kind of nightmare the little friends from hell can be. A sad reality is that many people are living with mice and rats in their homes simply because of the misleading notion that eliminating rodents is a costly exercise that does not always work. Well, rodents are a nightmare but getting rid of them is not as taxing as you may have heard. Read on for six tested-and-tried ways to rid your home of mice and rats without necessarily breaking the bank.

Set up bait stations

Also known as bait packages, bait stations are little pellet-containing packets used to bait mice and rats into feeding on poison. The packets are typically made of paper, cellophane wrapping, plastic, or other soft material that mice can easily gnaw on as they pursue the bait within.

While quite workable in eliminating rodents, bait stations can be best handled by professions such as Rove Pest Control experts to ensure your family and pets are not exposed to a poison.

Seal entry points

The first thing to consider in your bid to do away with mice for good is eliminating points of entry. Entry points nullify your efforts to curb the menace as they allow more rodents in while you struggle with the ones in your house already. Failing to work on entry points is the reason people think rodents are naturally a recurrent problem.

Set up mouse traps

The wooden snap traps from the olden days have been shown to work the magic for moderate cases of infestation. Severe infestations, on the other hand, may call for better tricks if you are to make the eviction process quick and seamless.

Consider using different types of traps, e.g. glue traps, bait traps, and multiple-capture live traps for a better chance of catching rodents that are keen to specific types of traps.

Avoid poor sanitation

Good sanitation may not help you jettison rodents but poor sanitation will attract them to your home. Keeping your home clean and organized should thus be seen as a bonus rodent-elimination technique.

Get rid of food particles on the floor, kitchen counters, and cupboards and keep trash bags outside the house. Seal food containers and lock chewable packages in the cupboard. Rodents have sharp teeth and can gnaw right through concrete if it means accessing food on the other side.

Don’t forget the mice outside

There was a time when your house didn’t have a mouse in it. They came from outside, which means they can still come in even if you completely do away with the ones in the house. A permanent solution is tackling the problem and paralyzing its source.

You may require the services of a pest control expert to identify the hiding places of these highly cagey animals and come up with a plan to flush them out. As stated earlier, ensure all entry points are sealed to prevent the mice from running into the house.

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